A Walk in the Park

The Murgia National Park in Matera was established in 1990 in accordance with regional law. It covers what is known as the Murgia Materana over a surface area of approximately 8000 hectares, including the canyons of Matera, of Picciano and of the Bradano River. Taking a walk along the ridges of these gorges in the Murgia National Park has become an extremely popular activity among those who want to get to know this wonderful habitat better. The Murgia is a treasure chest full of art, history and archaeology, revealing hidden gems in desolate places. These remote locations at times help to preserve their current state and at others contribute to their dereliction and neglect. The main attractions of the area, which entice tourists onto trails far from the city noise, are the cave dwellings that had been inhabited since the Palaeolithic era, as well as Neolithic villages, farmsteads, rock churches and fortified farmhouses. The abundance of spring flowers in bloom are congenial to nature walks, perfect for photographing the flowers and plants that characterise the Murgia ecosystem. Bird watching, bike tours along the narrow panoramic trails that connect the various tourist attractions, and guided hikes in pursuit of the most evocative places to behold together with their history are other sought-after pastimes.