Rotondella, also known as the “Balcony overlooking the Ionian Sea” is one of Italy’s loveliest little towns. It has an unusually encircling roundness that takes you into the alleys, stately homes, churches and chapels with their inebriating scents, the fresh air, the harmony conveyed by uncontaminated natural surroundings as well as the appetizing specialties of the local cuisine.
The area of Rotondella has a wealth of resources as regards landscapes and natural environment – the pristine beaches at Lido Rivolta, the Bosco Finocchio picnic area in the woods and, for those who enjoy trekking, the incredible beauty of the “ Gole di Candela” (The gorges of Candela).



Worthy of note are the 18th-century stately homes, all having ornate entrances and façades with finely sculpted stone mascaron decorations. Unusual are the “Lamie di Bitonte”; in a dominant position is the massive Sanseverino Tower, also known as the Torred del Carcere (Prison Tower), that was once the watchtower of the Prince of Salerno, Ferrante Sanseverino. Erected in 1518, from the top you can have a magnificent view of the Ionian Coast. Not to be missed is the view from the terrace in Piazza della Repubblica. Lovely churches make up Rotondella’s sacred heart – the Chiesa Madre (the main church), the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio da Padova (St. Anthony’s Church), St. Anthony of Padua being the patron saint of Rotondella, and, beyond the town centre, there is the Chiesa di Santa Laura ( St. Laura’s Church).


The perfect streetfood – the ultimate traditional specialty of the town – is “U’ Pastizz”, a savoury turnover filled with pork, a touch of parsley, eggs and cheese. It is guaranteed to entice the palates of tourists and local people alike. This product has been included by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies in the National Register of Traditional Food Products . Also excellent are the “fruzzul cà middiche”, a hand-made fresh pasta dish topped with sauce and fried bread crumbs. Not to be missed is the “Sospiro” (Sigh) decorated with a chocolate spiral reminiscent of the layout of the town. Last but not least is the apricot because Rotondella is renowned for being the “land of apricots”.




24th October: ”A walk in the midst of olive trees”;
13th June: St. Anthony’s Feast Day;
Month of June: Apricot Festival;
Month of August: Ru Pastizz R’tunnar Festival.


Gole di Candela (the Gorges of Candela);
A Street Art itinerary.




1. Vista Panoramica dalla balconata di Piazza Della Repubblica (Balcone dello Jonio);
2. Murales – Arte Urbana;
3. Palazzi Storici che caratterizzano i vicoli del centro storico.


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