Nova Siri

Nova Siri is tourism, in fact it is the most visited town in Basilicata.
Usually we refer to Nova Siri with the appellations of Nova Siri Paese-Centro Storico (town-old town center), a characteristic village, and Nova Siri Marina, a town overlooking the sea of the Ionian coast.
Leaning against the Calabrian border, the old town center is located on a hill, where you can admire the charming historical part and the enchanting panorama that surrounds it.
The town of the Marina, which in recent times has expanded a lot, enjoys a flourishing summer tourism thanks to the charm of the beautiful sea.



The variety of naturalistic-landscape is a peculiar characteristic of the territory, with its green horizons of spaces of unspoiled nature, ranging from themountain (up to an altitude of 865m) to the hill (the old town center is about 350 m s.l.m.) the sandy beaches of the sea, together with thehistorical and cultural richness of its identity as a town, and of course the high-level tourist facilities present.
All this makes Nova Siri the ideal place for those looking for a quiet holiday, with interesting opportunities for fun and leisure.
The territory boasts many charming places, tourist/cultural attractions:
– the “ZAGARIA” waterfall
– the “PIETROSA”
– the Roman aqueduct of the “FONTANA”
– the baths of “Sant’Alessio”
– the Sandoval De Castro castle
– the roman staircase (ancient access to the old town center) – the “PORTICELLA”,
– the Roman-Imperial villa “CIGLIO DEI VAGNI”
– the Chapel of “La madonna della Sulla”
– the mother church “Santa Maria Assunta”
– the chapel of the “ANNUNZIATA”
– the chapel of “S.Sinforosa”
– the oil mill of “PALAZZO SETTEMBRINI”
– the multimedian museum
– the natural area of “MASSA DELL’ORBO”


In the many restaurants, in the holiday farms and in the houses of the welcoming countrymen, you can delight your palate with the typical products of the tradition. Among them:
– “U PASTIZZOTT” (typical Christmas cake with different fillings, produced with PAT)
– ”FRIZZULI CA’ MLLIC” (typical pasta with bread crumbs)
– “RASCKATELL” (typical pasta)
– “CRISP” (leavened and fried pasta)
– “P’PUN CA PAST “(fried pasta with bran peppers)
– “A’SFOGLIAT” (typical focaccia with lard, cracklings and raisins)
– “P’PUN CRUSCK” (Bran peppers)
– “U’ FALAGON” (stuffed “calzone”)
– “GHIOMMARELL” (typical roll with lamb entrails) and many other good products.
All this can be accompanied by glasses of excellent wines, given the presence of three important wineries on the territory.


The summer program is rich, truly full of events.
Among them, some have become a custom:
– “APRILLA”, artistic and cultural event on wine; ;
– the village of DIEGO SANDOVAL DE CASTRO, barons of BOLLITA;
– the fair “TRA MUSICA E SAPORI”./p>

Religious holidays
19 March: “San Giuseppe” patron saint’s day – Nova Siri: Old town center
SSecond Sunday in May: Feast of the “Madonna della Sulla” – Sanctuary in Nova Siri old town center
13 June: “S. Antonio da Padova” feast – Nova Siri Marina
16 July: “Madonna del Carmine” feast – Nova Siri old town
August: “Madonna del Carmine” feast – “ SAGRA RICCHJ’TELL” – Nova Siri Marina


Guided naturalistic tourist path among:
the “PORTICELLA”, the roman staircase (ancient access to the old town center), the waterfall of the “ZAGARIA”, the roman acquedcut of the “FONTANA”, the “PIETROSA”, the baths of “Sant’Alessio” and conclusion in the naturalistic area of “MASSA DELL’ORBO”
Guided archaeological tour at the Roman-Imperial Villa of “CIGLIO DEI VAGNI” and the “TORRE BOLLITA”.

Tourist experiences:
Relaxation, wellness, fun and fabulous experiences in the tourist-accommodation facilities:
– Akiris
– Toccacielo
– Nova Siri Village
– Sira Resort
– Giardini d’Oriente
– Castroboleto Village
– Eco Resort Dei Siriti
For a cozy and quiet stay are also recommended the numerous Bed & Breakfast.
Guests will be shown the different points of historical and cultural interest to discover and the best destinations to enjoy the typical cuisine of the territory.



1. The beach, blue flag, with a long sandy shore, characterized by the presence of the “Giglio di Mare”, a unique and particular flora;
2. Walk through the alleys of the old town to live an experience of tranquility and charm;
3. Naturalistic-archaeological-gastronomic experiences from the woods to the waterfalls, from the remains of the ancient Greek-Roman presence to the multimedia museum, from the tasting of typical gastronomic products to the tasting of the wines of the renowned wineries.


Roberta Varasano – Council member – tel. 340 1154196
Carmine Stigliano – Pro loco of Nova Siri – tel.339 1853171