General information

Is it possible to request information material and how to do so?

Information can be downloaded from the website’s Download section where more information will gradually be made available. They can also be requested at the APT – Azienda di Promozione Turistica (www.aptbasilicata.it) offices, accommodation facilities and private information points.

Which tourist Information Centres are available in Matera?

At present, the reference institutional tourist information centre is the website Materawelcome.it.
Other private tourist information centres are located throughout the city and are directly managed by tourist agencies and operators.
For further information please contact the Tourism Office of the Municipality of Matera – turismo@comune.mt.it

Accessibility and Mobility

Where can I find information on traffic and public transport in the city of Matera?

For all information, as well as FAQs, see the section of the website: https://www.materawelcome.it/en/mobilita/

Is it possible to drive in the Sassi districts or in the historic centre?

Much of the historic centre and the Sassi districts is a restricted traffic zone (Ztl) or urban pedestrian area (APU) and is therefore not accessible to cars. In order to avoid  fines, we recommend asking the managers of the accommodation facilities before your arrival so that you can take advantage of any services offered, receive assistance and arrange parking in the authorised areas and/or use buses and shuttles.

For the basic information needed when arriving in the city, it is recommended that you read the sections on available parking spaces and urban mobility (https://www.materawelcome.it/en/mobilita/) as well as the Restricted Traffic Zone section (https://www.materawelcome.it/en/ztl/).
For all special cases, you can also refer to the specific section of the portal of the Municipality of Matera: https://www.comune.matera.it/ztl

Where can I park my car in order to visit the city?

In order to visit the city, cars can be parked either in one of the licensed car parks or in the parking spaces with blue lines marked along the streets. In general, we advise those entering the city to use the following car parks:
Via Lanera for those arriving  from State Road 7 – Exit 1 “Matera Sud”;
Via Saragat for those arriving from State Road 7 – Exit 2 “Matera Centro”;

The historic centre can be easily reached on foot or by shuttle bus from both car parks,.

Alternatively, you can use the car park in Piazza della Visitazione – Via Aldo Moro.

From the car park in Via Saragat it is possible to go to the Sassi districts by the Sassi Line of the Local Public Transport operated by Miccolis Spa every half hour.

All further information and a map of public and private parking spaces are available at this link:


Where can tourist buses park and where can passengers be dropped off?

Tourist buses arriving in Matera can enter the town from exit “2 – Matera Centro” of State Road 7, and then taking via Aia del Cavallo. Tourist Buses must pick up and drop off passengers at Piazza Matteotti which is situated near the Central Station. They are only permitted to park in the following authorised private car parks:

Where can campers be parked?

Public areas for parking campers are the following:
Via Saragat car park (ground floor)
⦁ Camper site at Masseria Radogna, Contrada Murgia Timone
⦁ Motorhome area Serra Rifusa (temporarily closed)

Info and maps at: https://www.materawelcome.it/en/mobilita/

There are also private areas such as:
 Kartodromo, Contrada Pedale Della Palomba Camper Area
⦁ Agriturismo Pantaleone
⦁ Pantano district car park
⦁ Camping Nonna Rosa, SS7
⦁ Tenuta Lamacchia

Further information is available at: https://www.materawelcome.it/en/mobilita/

How do I get to Matera from the airport?

The closest airport to the city of Matera is Bari PaleseKarol Wojtyla International Airport. Daily Shuttles to and from Matera are operated by Pugliairbus (info: http://www.aeroportidipuglia.it/bus-pugliairbus-).

A bus service provided by the Miccolis company (info: https://www.busmiccolis.it/) is also available.

Alternatively, you can book a private transfer service through car rental with driver (NCC) or Taxi; further information is available here: https://www.materawelcome.it/en/mobilita/

How do I get to Matera from the state railway station “Ferrovie dello Stato”?

The closest railway stations of the State Railways (FS) for the city of Matera are currently:
– Bari central station, with connections from Bari to Matera by bus and local trains operated by Ferrovie Appulo Lucane – FAL (info: https://ferrovieappulolucane.it/)
Ferrandina Scalo-Matera with FAL (Ferrovie Appulo Lucane), Grassani (https://grassani.it/linee/autolinea-matera-potenza-universitaria) and Sita bus connections (info: https://www.sitasudtrasporti.it/).

FAL trains stop at the following railway stations in the city: Serra Rifusa, Villa Longo, Matera Centrale and Matera Sud. Shuttle buses leave from and arrive in Piazza Matteotti/Central Station.

There are also bus connections via FrecciaLink (info: https://www.trenitalia.com/) and ItaloBus (Salerno – Matera line, info: https://www.italotreno.it).

Visit and Stay

Do travellers have to pay the tourist tax in Matera?


Yes, travellers have to pay the Tourist Tax in Matera all year round.

The amount of the tourist tax varies according to the category of accommodation. 4 € is charged for stays in 4/5-star hotel facilities whereas 2€ is charged for accommodation in 3/2/1 star hotel facilities including B&Bs, holiday houses, rooms or flats for rent.

The following are exempt from the tax:
⦁ The Residents of Matera;
⦁ Children up to 14 years of age;
⦁ Caregivers assisting patients at local health facilities,  maximum one caregiver per patient;
⦁ Parents or caregivers of children under the age of eighteen admitted to a local health facility, maximum two people per patient.
⦁ Disabled people (pursuant to the City Council resolution no. 47 of 30th July 2013, which abolished the tourist tax for the disabled)
⦁ Workers are non-residents in Matera;
⦁ Commuting students attending local schools
⦁ Members of families who paid the Municipal Tax  and who are considered as residents

What can I visit in the area surrounding Matera?

The area surrounding Matera is full of beautiful landscape as well as interesting historical, artistic and architectural sites. The section “Explore the area” of the Materawelcome.it portal briefly describes the sites and places that can be reached within an average drive of less than an hour, in particular the various villages in the province of Matera.

The Murgia Materana Park is very close to the city of Matera and can be reached on foot from the Sassi through the “Ponte Tibetano” (Rope Bridge) located in Via Madonna delle Virtù, 27. The park can also be reached by private car, taxi, car rental with driver (NCC), Ape calessino or Miccolis TPL bus service (Linea Murgia).

Further information will be available shortly.

SITA buses (info sul sito: https://www.sitasudtrasporti.it/orari) provide public transport service.

Per le informazioni di base necessarie all’arrivo in città è opportuno consultare anche le sezioni relative ai parcheggi disponibili e alla mobilità urbana (https://www.materawelcome.it/it/mobilita/) oltre quella sulle Ztl (https://www.materawelcome.it/it/ztl/).

Per tutti i casi particolari, è possibile fare riferimento anche alla sezione dedicata sul portale del Comune di Matera: https://www.comune.matera.it/ztl

Where can I find information and tourist assistance for visitors with disabilities?

Useful information regarding both mobility and accessibility to places as well as individual attractions is available in the section “Accessible Tourism” . For any further information you can use the relative contact form.

Where can I find a list of accommodation facilities in Matera (hotels, residences, B&Bs, campsites, etc.)?

A list of facilities including the main contact information is available on the Materawelcome.it portal.

These facilities may either update information or add photos as well as more detailed descriptions. 

Where can I find a list of events in the city?

The Materawelcome.it portal provides a calendar of all  events scheduled in Matera and in the surrounding area. The link materaevents.com which is managed in collaboration with the Matera-Basilicata2019 Foundation shows the same events as an archive of the activities carried out for the year of the European Capital of Culture.

All information relating to individual events is uploaded directly by registered users in accordance with the rules of use and is distributed under the CC-BY-SA licence, which allows the distribution, modification, creation of works from the original, even for commercial purposes, provided that the authorship of the work is acknowledged

How can I contact a tour guide?

Consult the official register of licensed tourist guides which includes:
⦁ Tourist guides
⦁ Hiking and environmental guides
⦁ Tour leaders
⦁ Tourist interpreters
⦁ Pollino National Park guides
⦁ Hiking guides of the Murgia Materana Park
⦁ Tourist guides of the Murgia Materana Park

The Municipality of Matera is working on a register of licensed guides in accordance with an accreditation and certification system that will be available on this portal with all required information. Currently, a list of licensed guides is available at the Regional Agency of Territorial Promotion of Basilicata at the following address: https://www.aptbasilicata.it/MATERA.1623.0.html

It is recommended contacting only licensed guides and tour leaders who are required to show you their license. Do not trust any non-licensed promoters and guides you may come across in the street. If it is necessary, report any abuse using the form “Report abuse”.

Are museums always open?

The museums in the area have different opening hours. Therefore, check their websites or go to: www.museimatera.it (courtesy Carlo Magni) for useful information.

Are animals allowed in museums and monuments?

At present, the law governing Cultural Heritage do not allow animals of any size in any museums, monuments, municipal and national archaeological sites. Only guide dogs for visually-impaired people are permitted.

Is there a left baggage storage facility in Matera?

Yes, there are currently two luggage storage facilities:
SELFBAGS Luggage Depot, via Gerardo Guerrieri (formerly vico Cappelluti 1)
The left baggage storage facility is located in the centre of Matera, a short distance from the Matera Centrale railway station, Piazza Matteotti bus terminal and the Central Station of the urban bus lines.
The left baggage storage facility is open 24 hours a day and is monitored 24 hours a day by a video surveillance system.
This is an automatic service, which works by putting cash directly into the locker. Prices vary depending on the size of the locker and the time travellers use it.

– Left baggage storage facility- Matera Villa Longo – c/o Bar Di Pede
Near the Ferrovie Appulo Lucane station in Villa Longo neighbourhood there is a luggage and key storage facility at Bar Di Pede in Via Nazionale 99. It is opened from 04:00 to 23:00. The storage facility can also be used by travellers on Flixbus, Marino, Marozzi, Liscio and other bus lines which stop at Via Sturzo bus terminal

Other private services are being made available.

Are there any currency exchange offices?

There is no exchange office in Matera yet.
The nearest exchange office is at the Post Office in Via Passarelli (British pounds and dollars), or at the branches of the  BNL (Via Dante Alighieri) and Intesa San Paolo (Piazza Vittorio Veneto) banks. On Saturday afternoon and Sunday there is no means of changing money.

Where can I find public toilets?

In the city of Matera, the following public toilets are available to citizens and visitors besides those in bars and restaurants:
Piazza Vittorio Veneto
via Tommaso Stigliani near the town park (Villa Comunale)

Further information is available at: https://www.materawelcome.it/en/servizi-utili/

Are there any integrated tourist cards for museums and transport?

The Matera Welcome Card will be available soon. Therefore, at present, it is necessary to ask the operators that may sell it. Some private operators, however, offer integrated packages for admission to museums, rock churches or other sites and services.

More information

Do I need permission to take photographs or videos?

In order to take photographs or videos  (cinema /television shots for commercial purposes (e.g. films, short films, video clips, fictions, spots, documentaries) in the city of Matera, it is necessary to request authorisation from the City Council.

It is necessary to:
• Fill in the forms (https://www.comune.matera.it/modulistica/ufficio-cinema);
• Fill in the liability statement and attach a valid identification card;
• Put a €16.00 stamp duty on the first page of the forms (stamped and signed), scan and email the complete documentation to ufficio.cinema@comune.mt.it;

• If you have any questions, please contact the Cinema Office at +39 0835/241281
• Person in charge of the Cinema Office contact person. Anna Giammetta.

Can I use images published on this website?

The content of this portal is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. What does this mean?
Information can be found at this link: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/deed.it

Are there areas in Matera with free wi-fi?

A free public wifi service is available in the main squares of the historic centre of Matera. The Municipality of Matera is progressively developing the service.

I need medical support, is there a tourist medical service?

​⦁ In case of need, in addition to the 118 emergency number and the number of the First Aid Department of the Madonna delle Grazie Hospital:

0835 253212, it is possible to contact the Guardia Medica, located in Piazza Firenze, 1.

The opening hours of the medical service are as follows:
Monday to Friday: from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.
On public holidays: from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. the following day
Public holidays: all day

The Tourist Medical Guard will soon be activated.