Colobraro is a town that clings to the hilltop in the Pre-Apennine Mountains of Lucania at an altitude of 665 metres a.s.l. from where there is a great view. An interesting thing about Colobraro is its reputation originating from an anecdote going back to the 1940s according to which a notable from Colobraro who had come to Matera burst out saying: “If what I say isn’t true, the chandelier should come crashing down!” And that’s just what happened a few days later, even though this was never officially confirmed. From that day on, though, people became afraid to pronounce the name “Colobraro” and, to ward off bad luck, it became customary to say “THAT TOWN” whenever referring to Colobraro.


The views from the town on top of the hill are fantastic all around – turning eastwards, your eyes can see as far as the Ionian Sea and the Gulf of Taranto; looking south/west, there is the Pollino Mountain range and the confluence of the Sinni and Sarmento Rivers; turning towards the north, you get a view of Mount Calvario. Moreover, a number of buildings of considerable architectural beauty are to be seen:
1. Capella di Santa Maria di Cironofrio (St. Mary of Cironofio’s Chapel);
2. Il Castello Baronale (Baron’s Castle);
3. La Chiesa Matrice di San Nicola di Bari (St. Nicholas of Bari’s Chapel);
4. Capella dell’Icona (Icon’s Chapel);
5. Chiesa dell’Annunziata (Annunciation Church);
6. Convento dei Francescani e la Chiesa di Sant’Antonio da Padova (Franciscan Convent and the Church of St. Anthony of Padua).


Among the specialties surely worth mentioning is “Frizzuli” with breadcrumb, a home-made pasta rolled with an iron stick with ; “Rasckatell” ”, a home-made pasta dish topped with a tomato and bell pepper sauce” then, cold cuts such as “lucanica” salami; peperoni cruschi” which are air-dried crispy fried peppers; “Carn a us da fer “stewed meat; “Sckitt e Sckatt” – a dish of sautéed pork with dried ground red peppers. As for sweets, the “bride’s sweets”, also known as “sighs”, are truly tempting.




16th -17th January: St. Anthony Abbot’s Feast Day (Gira Ciuccio).
9th May: Feast Day of St. Nicholas.
4th Sunday in May: Feast of the Cross.
13th June: St. Anthony of Padua’s Feast Day.
16th August: St. Roch’s Feast Day.
2nd Sunday in September: Feast of the Virgin Mary of the Woods


A tourist info-point located in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (A Stately home housing exhibitions) is open to visitors 7 days a week. Tourists can visit the Exhibition of Peasant Culture (a peasant dwelling and equipment illustrating the peasants’ way of life). The stately home also houses an exhibition of photographs by Franco Pinna and an exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the performance of “Sogno di una notte a… Quel Paese (“Dream of a Night in… That Town”). Visitors can listen to the history of Colobraro and legends being told while walking around in the streets of the historic town centre, discovering the beauty of its architecture along the way.


1. Sogno di una notte a… quel paese”, the ethno-demo-anthropological event that has made Colobraro one of Basilicata’s greatest attractions. This itinerant theatre experience performed by a company of local characters, takes visitors on a discovery tour of the traditions and the natural and architectural beauty of Colobraro, with ironic references to the town’s name that is supposed to bring “bad luck”.
2. “Le Notti della Magia” (Nights of Magic) ”, held at the former Franciscan Convent, also known as the “ Treasure Trove of Rituals and Knowledge,” engages the audience in scenes regarding the rituals of St. John’s Night; participants can also visit the Hall of Magic, Herbs and Amulets.
3. Museo dell’Olio (Museum of Oil): guided tours of the museum, tastings of olive oil and traditional local specialties, a shop selling extra-virgin olive oil, experiential tours for groups of Italians and foreigners, workshops for school 3 groups.




1. “Sogno di una notte in… quel paese”, every Tuesday and Friday in August
2. “Le Notti della Magia”, on the first Sunday of every month at the “ Treasure Trove of Rituals and Knowledge” in the former Franciscan Convent.
3. Guided tours to discover Colobraro’s history and traditions, throughout the year.


Tourist InfoPoint:: Viale Vittorio Veneto 29 email: tel:0835/841656
Town Hall of Colobraro: Largo Convento 1 email: tel:0835/841016
Associazione “Sognando il Magico Paese” Umberto I, 9 email: