Scanzano Jonico

Despite being the most recently established town in the region, Scanzano is probably the oldest settlement in southern Italy’s “Greater Greece” area, that is to say, what once were the colonies of Ancient Greece. Termitito, as the area was called, goes back to the 13th century B.C. As a result of the Agrarian Reform enacted by the De Gasperi government in the 1950s, the area gained the name of the “California of the South” thanks to its great variety of horticultural plants that find ideal growing conditions for produce widely acknowledged for its excellence. The approximately eight kilometres of golden sandy beaches along the coast are now the holiday destination for thousands of tourists that receive a warm welcome and lots of attention from local operators.

Scanzano Jonico


From the 16th c. Palazzo Baronale (Baron’s Stately Home) embellished by two rows of lovely small farmhouses in the old town to the Torre del Faro (Lighthouse Tower); from Termitito Archaeological Park to the aristocratic country estates of Andriace and Recoleta; from the shady pinewoods on the coast to the crystal clear sea, going down to the mouth of the Agri and Cavone rivers that are now protected areas of naturalistic interest on a European scale. Each and every one of these places is not to be missed.


The many restaurants in the area will certainly delight your palate. Offers vary from the tried and true traditional dishes of the region to the more audacious experimental ones created by “nouvelle cuisine” chefs that do not shy away from surprising and unexpected match-ups. Among the many delicious “cultivars” of fruits and vegetables successfully grown in the area, the strawberry stands out as the standard-bearer of excellent quality that distinguishes it world-wide.

Scanzano Jonico



For many years now, the programme of events during the summer supported by the Town Council of Scanzano in cooperation with associations active in the area has guaranteed happenings focussing on culture, food and wine, social solidarity as well as on the support and safeguarding of the environment. These events engage the local population as well as welcome guests that have chosen to spend their holidays in Scanzano.


This spread-out yet easily accessible territory is ideal for an easy-going and eco-sustainable sort of tourism all around. Taking walks or cycling enables you to discover unexpected surroundings. Matera with its Sassi, cave churches, etc. is easy to reach using any means of transport, and so are the excavation sites of Metaponto and Heraclea, the Carlo Levi Literary Park in Aliano as well as the Isabella Morra Literary Park in Valsinni, the Pantano Wood near Policoro, the Arab quarter Rabatana in Tursi and many more lovely small towns,too.


Tourists can choose from the wide range of experiences offered the ones that best suit their personal inclinations. What is guaranteed is a variety of beautiful historic sites of environmental, architectural, historical and eno-gastronomic interest. The friendliness and hospitality shown by tour operators as well as by amiable local people you may meet in the street just to ask for directions will make even the most demanding visitor feel at ease.

Scanzano Jonico
Scanzano Jonico



1. Torre Aragonese (Aragonese Tower)
2. Parco Archeologico di Termitito (Termitito Archaeological Park)
3. Baron’s Stately Home


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