Archaeological site, Naturalistic site, and Rock church

The Saracen village is an ancient rupestrian farmhouse, also known as Pisciulo or Vittisciulo, because it was dug out of the rock in the ravine of the same name, which is close to the Fornina valley. The name of the farmhouse comes from “risciulo”, meaning “stream” and refers to the abundant water that flows there during heavy rain. The village consists of about fifty caves which were permanently inhabited up until the 14th century when the farmhouse was abandoned and later used to shelter sheep and goats. In the farmhouse there are two rock churches dating back to sometime between the 11th and 12th centuries, as well as a third from the same period overlooking the Fornina valley.


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This rupestrian village is located on private property and is managed by its owner –Pasquale Lamacchia.