Rock church

The Don Pirro Groya Apiary is an ancient apiary consisting of a garden with fruit trees surrounded by a three-metre-high wall with grooves for the hives. There is also a manor house with a machicolation over the entrance door and a guard tower, which was used for monitoring carriage traffic along the road.
The structure is enhanced by a stunning rock church with a single barrel-vaulted nave, with images of the Evangelists in medallions, as the name of the church suggests, as well as numerous other frescoes of saints, dating from 1536. The back wall shows the signs of an altar, which was removed, with a fresco of the Crucifix above it. Some frescoes portray the founder of the apiary, Don Pirro Groya, in prayer with his sons, under the image of St. Eustace, facing a depiction of Our Lady of Grace, and the women of the family facing a portrayal of Our Lady of Constantinople.


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Mistakenly called the Crypt of the Four Evangelists, this church is owned by the local Municipality and managed by Associazione Essere, tel. +39 (0)835 263674, contact person: Raffaele Paolicelli