Rock church

This church was founded by the Casalino family in 1779 and was adjacent to a beautiful garden with a pergola, fruit trees and oak trees, and to a beeswax factory that remained active until the 1930s. The family coat of arms and the date of the church’s foundation appear on the façade with the words “no asylum to criminals granted here”. The private, secular, rural chapel, not subject to archiepiscopal jurisdiction, was erected with the consent of King Ferdinand IV on the condition that the right of asylum would be expressly denied to criminals. Above the Baroque altar of the single nave there is a painting of a sorrowful woman with the symbols of the passion, signed and dated by local painter Nunzio Nicola Bonamassa in 1778. In a niche on the wall of the church there is a small statue of the Madonna della Scordata, which is similar to that of the Madonna della Bruna.


Biglietto di ingresso:


This church is also known as Madonna della scordata and is property of the Casalino family.