Church and Rock church

This Augustinian convent was founded in 1591. The church, destroyed by a violent earthquake, was rebuilt in late Baroque style and renamed as Madonna delle Grazie in 1750, although it continued to be called Sant’Agostino. On its façade one can admire: the statues of the Saints Peter and Paul, located on the extreme left and right; a large window with the statue of a bishop above it; and what is most likely St. Ambrose, who baptised Saint Augustine, and finally, its elegant main entrance, with a statue of S. Augustine in a niche. Its interior has a single nave with rococo-style carved marble altars made by Neapolitan masters in the years 1748 and 1749, as well as altars made from local stone and painted in faux marble style, adorned with paintings from the Neapolitan school. On the second altar there is a fresco of the Virgin of Miracles from 1595, which was removed from the wall of the rock church dedicated to St. Julian and brought inside the “new” church.


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