The stone façade of Cristo La Selva has a four-lobed rose window, with the date 1712 engraved above the main entrance. A small bell gable is located on the left of the façade and there are two splendid stone loggias on either side of the church. The church was renovated between 1711 and 1712, thanks to the contributions of faithful who flocked there in large numbers on the Fridays during Lent and the feast of the Holy Cross. The interior has a single nave with a rectangular floor plan. There are two rows of ceramic bricks on the floor, which lead from the entrance to the altars located respectively at the back of the church and on the left wall of the nave. On the rock pillar of the entrance’s counter-façade, a 13th-century fresco of the Virgin Hodegetria can be seen, whereas there is a Byzantine fresco of the Crucifixion on the left wall from the altar, with the inscription “Victor Mortis” (the Conqueror of Death). At the foot of the crucifix an inscription: “memento domine famula tua bularina” can be read, roughly translated as “Remember, O Lord, your Maid Servant, who had life through your death.”


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This rock church is located on private property and is managed by its owner – Cesare Passarelli.