Rock church

The church of the Madonna delle Tre Porte is so called because it is believed to have had three entrances carved into the rock. After the collapse of the right aisle, where the main entrance was, the pillars that separated the interior space into three naves with three apses were reduced to two. There are numerous graffiti crosses carved into the walls by the faithful as ex-voto, as well as a cross painted red. The altar is located on the side wall of the left aisle in front of the current entrance. There are the remains of a fresco of the Annunciation with a Kyriotissa (Virgin Enthroned as Queen) from the 13th century next to it, above the altar. Near the apse in the left aisle a fresco of the Crucifixion is visible. There are other splendid frescoes dating back to the 15th century in the apse of the main nave including a Deesis, and on the left a Madonna and Child who is holding out a pomegranate.


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This church is undergoing restoration.