Museum set-up and Site of interest

The museum covers an area of ​​about 500 square metres within the Sasso Barisano district. In addition to a peasant’s house, a priest’s house and a wine cellar, the various rooms of the museum show various tradesmen’s workshops and display a vast variety of work tools of different crafts and professions such as the farmer, shepherd, barber, blacksmith, cabinetmaker, wood-cutter, tailor, potter, tin smith, basket-weaver, saddler, tanner, gatekeeper, sieve-seller, knife-sharpener and shoeshiner. A showcase in the museum is dedicated to the phenomenon of banditry. There are also collections of antique toys, oil lamps and candle holders, bread stamps and other objects of rural art.


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This museum is managed by the Donato Cascione non-profit Cultural Association.