Rock church

The Church of Madonna dei Derelitti, or Madonna della Scordata, Madonna dell’Abbandonata, is also known as San Nicola sulla Murgia dell’Amendola (“of the almond”) due to the extensive almond grove present at one time on the plateau above the church. The rock church has a single nave, with a constructed stone façade and high altar, which were built in 1866. In addition to a fresco of St. Nicholas, on the left wall, above the altar fragments of a medieval fresco depicting the Dormition of the Virgin, there are some invocations made to the Madonna dei Derelitti painted on the walls of the church which can be seen. The church was open for worship in the Marian month dedicated to the Virgin Mary. A row of ceramic bricks that lead up to the main altar from the main entrance, contains ex-voto inscriptions in gratitude for prayers answered.


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Also known as Madonna della Scordata and San Nicola on the Murgia dell’Amendola, this church is managed by the Murgia Materana Natural Park Authority.