Museum set-up


MUST is a single cave-dwelling, the result of four different hypogea, completely dug underground as a typical neighbourhood centred on a common well. It consists of 400 square metres of ancient rooms which were used for productive activities that have recently been given new life as a venue for exhibitions and cultural activities. Experiencing it is a journey into mother earth, below ground level, in an ancient underground courtyard hidden in the heart of the city and surrounded by tufa buildings that were built afterwards. It is located in the city centre of Matera, in its distinctive modern urban area known as the Piano just a few metres away from Piazza Vittorio Veneto.  It is the ideal place to learn about the history of the Sassi districts, its excavations and artificial caves, and the rock, earth, and elements that have allowed humans to inhabit the city for thousands of years.

Visitors can learn about the history of Matera, by exploring the rooms of an ancient oil mill, wine cellars – their production and storage areas, an ancient tannery, ancient corridors and modern apertures, an air-raid shelter, cisterns and all the remains of the production activities of centuries past. Furthermore, the museum is also a centre for new activities: exhibitions are held there on subjects ranging from photographs and videos on Basilicata, interactive tools, and films regarding Matera. There is also a shop that sells local products, books and other merchandise.

Via San Biagio 15 75100 Matera





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