Rock church

The rock church of San Biagio has a quadrangular nave and arched niches on its side walls. At the back of the nave, a central pillar separates the entrance from the two aisles. There are two free-standing altars, detached from the back wall which were created in the middle of the church and there are two small domes with concentric circles on the ceiling, to simulate the cupolas of a Byzantine church. There is a cornice decorated with a saw-tooth pattern at the end of the right aisle. There are traces of some barely visible frescoes dating from 1651 of St. Anthony of Padua, St. Blaise and St. Roch in the three niches in the right aisle. There is an empty tomb behind the altar, and it is most likely that others were located near the entrance at one time.


Biglietto di ingresso:


This church is also mistakenly known as San Vito alla Murgia and undergoing restoration.