The works for the construction of the church, financed by the confraternity of Saint Francis of Paola, started in 1772 and lasted for more than twenty years. The church was consecrated in 1795 in late Baroque style, which recalls the features of the church of Purgatory and of Santa Lucia alla Fontana. Its interior has a single nave with narrow side chapels. In the first chapel on the right there is the wooden statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, while in the second chapel there is a painting of the Immaculate Conception signed and dated by local painter Nunzio Nicola Bonamassa in 1776. In the first chapel on the left there is a statue of St. Michael the Archangel, while in the second chapel there is the canvas of St. Teresa of Ávila from 1813, painted and signed by Saverio Calò, as well as the urn of the holy martyr St. Restitutus. There is also an Annunciation and a Nativity scene by an unknown artist, painted on the right wall of the transept. The vault of the apse, decorated in 1894, is by Francesco Saverio D’Antona. In the chapel next to the church there is a terracotta statue of Saint Francis of Paola made by local artist Pasquale Calabrese in 1886.


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