Rock church and Site of interest

The rupestrian church of San Giovanni in Monterrone was the baptistery of San Pietro Caveoso. An altar carved into the rock shows the 13th-century fresco of the Pantocrator (Christ the Almighty) above it and just opposite, there is a depiction of St. Nicholas and the remains of a fresco dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel. The fresco of the saint after which the church was named, St. John the Baptist, is housed in the museum of Palazzo Lanfranchi. Other valuable frescoes portray the Annunciation, the Baptism of Jesus, St. James and St. Peter, as well as St. Jerome and the Virgin Hodegetria and St. Andrew. Below, on the ground, is a medieval baptismal font. On the opposite wall one can admire the 17th-century frescoes of St. John the Evangelist and an unknown saint. The remains of several people who were buried with a coin minted in Brindisi at the time of Charles I of Anjou were unearthed in a rectangular pit more than two metres deep that was dug out of the floor of the church.


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This rock church is managed by the Oltre l’Arte Cooperative.