The church attached to the Conservatory of San Giuseppe, formerly known as Santa Maria della Pietà, was founded in 1594 by a Capuchin Friar, Matteo da Cilento, in order to help the poor youth of the city, by educating and instructing them, until the age of twenty-one. The church was severely damaged by the earthquake of 1730 and for this reason, renovations were necessary. These were completed in 1786 with the purchase of two marble altars from the Benedictine Priests of Montescaglioso and the holy water fountain made of the breccia from Verona. A painting of the Holy Family by Giambattista Conversi, dates back to the end of the 17th century. At the top of the left wall, one can admire paintings by Vito Antonio Conversi from 1743. Tthe paintings surrounding the image of the Virgin Mary and Child, within a wooden frontal, are also attributed to the same artist. Inside, on the church’s Rococo-style stuccoed main altar there is the canvas depicting the Deposition of Christ, signed and dated 1786 by Nunzio Nicola Bonamassa da Matera.

Via Riscatto 75100 Matera


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