Rock church

The rock church of San Pietro de Matina is one of the rock churches that were entrusted by the monastery of San Vincenzo al Volturno to Godino Protospatharios of Matera in 893. The rupestrian settlement was given the title of Casale di Savorra, whose name comes from the Latin “saburra”, meaning sand, and refers to the sandy terrain of the nearby Matina road, a common name of the local territory to indicate a type of land suitable for planting vineyards on the edge of the Murgia. The rock church, located near the swampy area of San Pietro, is a simple cave that has no architectural or decorative elements which make it identifiable as a place of worship, with the exception of a few crosses engraved on its walls and in its apsidal cavity. Next to the entrance there are some which lead to the plateau above which was used as a graveyard.


Biglietto di ingresso:


This church is unattended and in a state of neglect.