Rock church

The church of San Vito dei Lombardi is also known as the Church of Madonna dell’Aiuto (Our Lady of Perpetual Help), since a painting of the Virgin of Vladimir known for its show of tenderness was kept there until the 1960s. The painting is now housed in the church of San Giovanni Battista. The church’s interior has a single nave, preceded by a narthex typical of medieval churches, the nave being covered by a deep cupola with a circular base and the presbytery raised three steps above the nave. The stone statue of St. Vitus stands on the main altar, which is in Baroque style. Another Baroque altar on the left once housed the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, while the statue of St. Francis of Paola is kept in a niche on the opposite side.


Biglietto di ingresso:


This unattended church is also known as the church of Madonna dell’Aiuto and is managed by the neighbourhood residents.