The church of Saint Eligius, protector of domestic animals, is a small church located in the square of the same name which has a statue of the Holy Bishop on a column. It was the seat of an important civic congregation of shepherds, who would gather on the 1st of December to bless their flocks of sheep and goats. As per tradition, the animals had to be led around the column located in the square in front of the church three times in order to receive the Saint’s blessing. Upon entering the small church, built at the end of the 17th century, one can admire a canvas by the painter Andrea Miglionico over the main altar, which depicts the Apparition of the Virgin Mary to St. Eligius and other saints dating back to the first decade of the 18th century. On the side altar there is a 19th-century canvas by the painter Domenico Ecenel, which depicts the Madonna with St. Eligius, St. Donatus and St. Leonard.

Via Ridola 75100 Matera


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