Archaeological site, Naturalistic site, and Site of interest

The partially excavated Neolithic village of Murgia Timone was explored several times by local archaeologist Domenico Ridola starting from 1894. Its surface area is surrounded by two connecting moats which are incomplete in some points, perhaps due to the hardness of the rock, one oval and the other circular.

Inhabited from the Lower to the Middle Neolithic, the village was surrounded by a dry-stone wall close to the defensive moat, in order to protect the village’s domestic animals, such as sheep and goats, from attack by other wild animals. Its western entrance consists of a simple rock plain that cuts through the moat, whereas its eastern entrance is semi-circular, similar to an arrowhead. Furthermore, near its western entrance, there is a monumental Bronze Age cave tomb with dromos and a double circle of stones all around it.


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This area is unattended and undergoing restoration.