The History of Man Park of Matera

The volume on the Park of the History of Man of Matera – Rock Churches and Neolithic village of Murgia Timone, is one of the final products of a larger project, carried out as part of the European Capital of Culture 2019 initiatives, which included a series of punctual and linear interventions that fall within the Natural Historical Archaeological Park of the Rupestrian Churches of Materano in the Murgia Timone area, including: study, consolidation and restoration of 7 rock churches (San Pietro in Principibus / San Nicola alla via Appia, San Canio / San Falcione, San Biagio Vecchio / San Vito alla Murgia, San Lupo / Cd. Asceterio di Sant’Agnese, Sant’Agnese, Madonna delle Tre Porte, Madonna della Croce), realization and safety of a specific paths of connection between the sites and general accessibility, creation of new innovative multimedia use in situ (inside the Jazzo Gattini and the church of San Canio / San Falcione) and da remo to, construction of a new archaeological excavation and restoration of the prehistoric tombs in correspondence with the Neolithic village of Murgia Timone.

The volume, proposed in two versions in Italian and English, was created with the contributions of expert researchers and professionals in the disciplines considered (History of Byzantine Art, Archeology, Conservation and Restoration, Geology and Geomorphology, Natural Sciences, Architecture), all merged into the specific sectors in which the volume was structured, that of the Natural Context, the Settlement Context and Knowledge.