Museum set-up and Rock church

This rupestrian complex consists of two rock churches and numerous adjoining rooms dug out of the rock, arranged on three levels. Since 1987, the rooms have been used as a prestigious venue for important exhibitions in the Sassi district dedicated entirely to modern and contemporary sculpture. It all began in 1978 when Pietro Consagra created eleven sculptures entitled “Bifrontal Irons” for Matera’s Sassi district and positioned them in the most evocative corners of the city. Together with other artists of the time, he drew up a document called the “Manifesto of Matera”, in defense of all of Italy’s historic centres. Thanks to this fortuitous experience and after the restoration of the rock churches and this rupestrian complex, the idea of ​​organising an annual date with sculpture began to take shape within the city.


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This complex is managed by the Cave Heritage Cooperative.