Archaeological site and Rock church

Archaeological excavations carried out inside of this church have revealed medieval structures below the floor, at a depth of one metre. In the Middle Ages the church was called San Pietro de Veteribus. It became an abbey in 1467 and was managed by Abbot Matteo Ciminelli, who obtained the right of patronage for his family from Pope Paul II. When the Ciminelli family line died out, the abbey was taken over two centuries later by the Venusio and Gattini families. In 1903 the church was abandoned due to excessive dampness, and its furnishings were moved to the Church of Sant’Agostino. Its 1755 façade has a four-lobed rose window. Its interior preserves an altar dedicated to Our Lady of Consolation, crowned by angels in high relief, attributed to Stefano da Putignano, and a chapel with 16th-century frescoes. The 18th-century catacombs used for the burial of monks and priests are accessible from the sacristy.


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This rock church is also known as the church of San Pietro de Veteribus and is managed by the Oltre l’Arte Association.