Exhibition space and Rock church

Behind the old Lanfranchi Seminary, there was the former Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Armeniis, which tradition traces back to the year of 1093. In that year Pope Urban IIgranted great indulgences to the faithful who went to visit the church of Santa Maria de Armeniis. The Pope, who had resided in Matera until Easter of that year, made his way down to the Land of Otranto to confirm the lands owned by Ruggiero, the younger son of Roberto il Guiscardo. The name of the monastery recalls a community of Armenians who arrived in Matera between the 10th and 11th centuries, and who had already been attested in Bari and Taranto, following the Byzantine Emperor Niceforo Foca. The church’s façade is decorated with blind arches and its main door is embellished with a round arch in Romanesque style. The church is currently used for cultural events.


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