Rock church

Santa Maria della Valle or La Vaglia, the largest of Matera’s rock churches, is cited as being one of the most important shrines in the region, and it is said that in ancient times, the faithful even flocked from neighbouring villages to venerate the miraculous image of the Virgin. its interior has a nave with two aisles, separated by sturdy pillars and semi-columns in its corners, saddlebacked ceilings and trapezoidal capitals, painted with angels and red flowers. The central nave and the right aisle end in two apses, where there are the 14th-century frescoes of Christ on Throne, seated between Mary and a holy nun, with the inscription: Santa Maria de Valle Verde, San Giovanni Evangelista and San Giacomo. The fresco next to them is of Pope Gregory I the Great, with the souls of Purgatory in the flames below, dated 1642. The church is embellished by other splendid medieval frescoes and noble coats of arms, which indicate private chapels.


Biglietto di ingresso:


This church is located on private property and currently not open to the public.