Rock church

This 16th-century rock church used to be open for worship on the 17th of January, the feast day of Saint Anthony the Great as was tradition at the time. The Flagellant Confraternity were obliged to hold mass and to organise a small celebration in honour of the saint, to initiate the start of Carnival, with traditional hand-crafted folk instruments, such as accordions, guitars, drums and cupa cupas (friction drums). During this holiday domestic animals were blessed in the churchyard and it was an occasion for peasants to exchange gifts with the priests who distributed the Saint’s holy pictures. In the evening a bonfire was lit in honor of the Saint and when it went out late at night, the farmers collected the ashes in aluminum containers and took them to their stables to bless their animals with good health. The church’s interior has a single nave with a barrel vault, while there is the heart pierced by seven swords, with Our Lady of Sorrows on the frontal of the white marble altar. In the niche there is a polychrome stone statue of Saint Anthony the Great from the 16th century, made in the workshop of Altobello Persio.


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This church is managed by the Martulli Agency.