An App to know the places of cinema in Matera

76 films and 7 itineraries to discover all the corners of the town that have become film sets

Matera has always conquered famous directors and film productions.

From Pasolini to Mel Gibson, from Ben Hur to 007 in “No Time to Die”, from Angelina Jolie to Imma Tataranni. Many are those who have chosen the town of Sassi to set their films in a unique natural open-air set.

Today those who visit a territory not only ask to “see” a place, but to live an experience such as being in the same place used as a set for the making of a known film.

From these assumptions “Cinemappa” was born, the application for mobile devices designed for citizens and for Italian and foreign visitors of the town of Matera in order to provide all the useful information on films, casts, productions and scenes shot in the town.

The App “Cinemappa”, which is a tool of diffusion, identification and interconnection between “Matera ” and “cinema ” already in its logo, can be downloaded through Google Play (for Android system) and Apple Store (for IOS system) and allows you to discover multiple information.

The visitor can “play” to explore the town step by step, discovering the film sets that have seen Matera as a protagonist for each of the 76 films on the list, each complete with a detailed sheet

The visitor who will arrive near the places of interest, (about 370 mapped sites) will be able to activate on their device a rich series of contents (1293 captured frames, film card, frame, poster, etc.. ) to discover the intercepted point. They can also choose to follow their journey in different ways: by genre of film (Adventure, Action, Biographical, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Epic, Science Fiction, Fantasy, War, Horror, Mystery, Crime, Religious, Sentimental, Experimental, Sports, Historical, Triller, Western ), by name, by year, or by choosing from 7 thematic itineraries (01 Oblivion and rebirth of the stones, 02 The rock churches protagonists of the film, 03 Matera biblical, 04 Tourists for…. Cinema, 05 3,2,1 Ciak, Action… and what action in Matera!, 06 The stones of Matera. An extraordinary “actor of stone”, 07 Cinema: the machine of dreams, illusions and deceptions).

To promote and tell about the project, in addition to posters, stickers and bookmarks that will be available at the major centers of aggregation, accommodation and commercial activities of the town (hotels, tobacco, restaurants, retail etc.), an emotional spot of 15″ will be broadcast by Rai in opening to the use of a program chosen by the viewer on Rai Play for a total of 330,000 commercials aired on an inventory of programs themed travel and culture required on demand by Rai Play audience for 10 days.